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TESTIMONIALS   |   Shortbread NYC is an online based company based out of Boston, MA and NYC

YAEL, Tel Aviv, IS
“I will confess I have had my taste buds seduced and overcome by the nectarous advances of SHORTBREAD’s delights on numerous occasions and I’m fairly certain it qualifies and a religious experience!”

JONNY, London, UK
Fat Free Banana Bread
“Ridiculously easy recipe! I make it for my friends all the time and they
die over it...PS, I’m in love with you!”

BROOKE, Boston, MA
Vegan Chocolate Cake
“Just had another cakegasam courtesy of SHORTBREAD bakery’s vegan chocolate cake... Perhaps on of the most mind blowing desserts ever!”

YASMIN, New York, NY
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
“I have to tell you how pleased everyone was! They are amazing!!! I shared with my neighbor and she and her kids are crazy about them:) my oldest couldn't stop eating them! We will be ordering again!!”

DANIELLE, Los Angeles, CA
Chocolate Chip Cookies
“It’s not that I’m becoming vegan... I think I’m becoming SHORTBREAD!

MATT, Philadelphia, PA
Vegan Peanut Butter Brittle Cake
“I ate this and shortly thereafter my brain exploded. Probably one
of the most ridiculous, decadent and delightful desserts ever devised
by humankind!”

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