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ABOUT JENNA SHORT   |   Jenna Short is the CEO, Baker & Designer of Shortbread NYC/TLV

I AM a princess that wears hiking boots. I am a world traveler.
I love oatmeal and bananas. I have three favorite colors, rainbow is one of them. My brother is my best friend. I practice yoga everyday. I am an old soul. I am a born and raised "Bean-eater". I probably should wear a helmet. The people I love think I look like a duck. It's important to be well seasoned, food or otherwise. I prefer to watch the winter Olympics. I start every day with green tea. I live what I love, I love what I do. I was a figure skater for 14 years. I stop breathing if I eat any dairy products. I think a good PB & J can solve problems. I have lived in Israel, Italy, London, Sweden, Boston & NYC. I am serious but I'm ready to party -oh and anything with Paul Rudd in it is always a good time. I love getting lost in new cities. Great lyrics make my soul sing. I love hiking, skiing & camping... really anything in snow or dirt. I don't watch TV, nor do I own one. I believe in love at first sight... but maybe I need glasses? My pot roast would blow your mind. Saturday nights are for art projects. I try to go somewhere I have never been every year. I don't wear high heels... unless you pay for the cab ride. I make up words. Karaoke terrifies me. My hair is my super power. But most importantly, I believe that life is all about the zest.

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